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New process for joining AAV and changes to the lower ranks

PostPosted: 01-17-2017 10:32 AM
by Michael Blakely
I would like to announce American Airlines Virtual's new process for joining our VA.

The management team is looking for ways to grow the membership of AAVirtual while maintaining our friendly atmosphere and emphasis on aviation skills. These changes will mainly affect the management team that brings on new pilots, and not our existing membership.

Starting today, a trainee checkride is no longer required to join AAVirtual. Additionally, the trainee rank is being retired, and new pilots will starrt as second officers. Once an application is reviewed and accepted, the pilot is immediately added to the AAVirtual roster at the DFW training hub. Pilots fly at the DFW training hub until they have 50 AAVirtual fight hours, and are then eligible for the first officer checkride. Pilots with prior VA experience will receive 25 AAVirtual flight hours, providing a shorter journey to first officer. Pilots without prior VA experience may also expedite their journey to first officer by taking an optional second officer checkride. Successful completion of the optional second officer checkride will result in an award of 25 AAVirtual flight hours.

The management team believe these changes will give new pilots first hand experience with our VA's culture, forums, GFIs, and staff before challenging them with a technical checkride. We hope they will "plant some roots" that will give them more motivation to continue with AAVirtual.

Re: New process for joining AAV and changes to the lower ran

PostPosted: 04-07-2017 03:20 AM
by Maratib Ali
I would highly suggest overhauling the websites look to attract more pilots.The rest is good with the new changes in place now.

Re: New process for joining AAV and changes to the lower ran

PostPosted: 04-16-2017 06:59 AM
by Michael Natale
I agree about the website but also like the idea of a 86ing the Trainee position. Great ideas! Thanks for all you do for us Mike (and everyone else)..