To SEGU via KMIA -

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To SEGU via KMIA -

Postby Wayne Pierce » 06-12-2017 03:35 PM

OK here I go again more pictures. This months Theme Flight.
P3DV4, PMDG 777, REX weather.

Loading up for the flight.Image

Inspecting my aircraft, a selfie.Image

Taxiing to the runway. Image

Leaving KMIA under blustery skies and clouds.ImageImage

I have always liked this view on real world flights, looking down onto the tops of the clouds and seeing the shadows on the water.

This shows the new dynamic lighting of P3DV4 in the shadow crispness

Finally into the night on final approach to SEGU

One final lighting shot on the apron to the gate;

Thanks for looking, again.
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