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European Flightplanning Resources

Postby Greg Gemelli » 01-25-2005 05:25 PM

This Post will be continually developed in the interest to promote and assist in European route planning.

EuroControl Realworld Website
*This site will give you a VERY good idea of the structure that exists in the European Airspaces.

RVSM in Europe:

Links for Europe:

VATEUD Main Page
Under Country / VACCs you will find country related information, such as:
*a map of the Country (helps to make sure your Dest. is there :p)
*link to their VACC webpage (this is where the CHARTS are at)
*a short description of the VACC (give you unique info specific to this countrys airspace)
*list of Staff members (with e-mail and function)

Also try this source for charts for Europe and MANY other Continents:
* this is layed out a bit different but it seems it is farly complete and very useful.

Charts for the United Kingdom:

UK AIS (Aeronautical Information Service)
* This is the site you have to sign up for. THERE IS NO OTHER SITE THAT I KNOW OF WITH UK CHARTS. So sign up or be happy with not having charts...its your call. For what it is worth I have been a registered member for close to 2yrs and have NEVER seen any evidence of my information being passed to a 3rd party.

Oceanic FlightPlanning Information:
Shanwick Oceanic
Santa Maria Oceanic FIR
Daily "Realworld" North Atlantic Tracks (NATs)

Preferred Routes for EUR:

UK Standard Routes (Internal):
UK Domestic Routes

UK Standard Routes to Europe:
UK European Routes

Routes for Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

Routes via Paris TMA:
Rutes to/from Paris TMA

Belgium / Luxembourg Preferred Routing:
Belux vACC Routes

Ireland Routing:
VATEIR Standard Routes

Netherlands Pref. Routes:
Dutch vACC EUroutings

Finland Routings:
vACC Finland IFR Routings

Czech Republic Routings:
CZ vACC Pref. Routes

Italian Pref. Routings:

Hungary Pref. Routes:
vACC Hungary Routings

Spain/Canary Islands Pref. Routing:
vACC Espana Routes

Currently Routes for Icleland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden are not avaliable thru the EU Route generation system. I have many and will post the most common soon.

NOTE: I have closed this post so it can does not become a discussion area...if you have questions, comments or suggestions please DO contact me thur the forums, PM or my e-mail at
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