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Pilot Training and Certification

Welcome to Dallas/Ft. Worth International (KDFW), home of the American Airlines Virtual Pilot Training and Certification Center. Our mission is to provide world-class training services in the pursuit of safety, professionalism, and a rewarding pilot career.

AAV has developed a full program of standardized promotion checkride evaluations. All pilots up for promotion will now perform a standard checkride appropriate to their rank and experience.

If you have questions about the checkride or any other aspect of training at AAV, please contact the Chief Checkpilot and Training Coordinator using the Contact Us page.

1. AAV Pilot Training & Resource Center

In order to help our pilots further their knowledge of aviation, especially IFR procedures that will be required in the checkride program, we have included a series of helpful pilot training resources on our AAV Links page. You will find tips on flying holds, procedure turns, and other essential procedures for IFR flight. Access the AAV Training & Resource articles here.

2. Endorsement Checkrides

Active pilots of rank Captain and above may qualify to log hours in the AAV retro fleet by downloading and successfully completing the AAV Retro Endorsement Checkride. You will need to have your Hub Manager nominate you for the Retro endorsement before you can upload your checkride for evaluation. In addition, Senior Captain and Commander pilots may request to take the Euro I and Euro II endorsement checkrides by contacting their hub managers.

3. New Pilot Downloads

To make it easy to begin your AAV training career, we've compiled everything you need to begin into the download list below, including:

  • The AAV Digital Flight Recorder (required for submission of checkrides)
  • Checkride details

The checkride documents are supplied as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files. You can download Adobe Acrobat reader from Adobe's web site.

To get started, simply follow the steps below:


Download and install the New Pilot files:

1. AAV Digital Flight Recorder (The latest FSUIPC Module is required)
2. Download the AAV Second Officer Checkride PDF
The Second Officer checkride is an optional certification for new AAV pilots. It will add 25 hours to your AAV flight hour total, expediting your qualification for the First Officer checkride.


Contact your hub manager and request the Second Officer Checkride. This will enable you to submit your checkride for evaluation when it's completed.


Fly the checkride and submit your AAV Digital Recorder checkride file per the instructions in the checkride PDF.